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What's more, a Chlorine Geni...

    * SAVES you up to $600 a year on electricity and up to $600 a year on chemicals!
    * It can DOUBLE the life of costly pool pumps, heaters and filtering equipment!
    * It can DOUBLE the life of your pool surfaces, both under the water and your decking!
    * ELIMINATES burning, itchy red eyes!
    * ELIMINATES the chlorine smell!
    * ELIMINATES green hair!
    * ELIMINATES the hassles and wasted time of driving to the store for chemicals!
    * KEEPS your pool looking GREAT all year long virtually effortlessly!
    * And much much more!

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Jim Goodwin, President
The Chlorine Factory
Toll Free 800-951-9937

P. S.   Also, feel free to give me a call with any questions you have and I'll be happy to give you the answers.

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